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Full Suite
This gallery shows a full range of branding work for a pizza company I partnered with in Hawaii. They were well known for their wood fired pizzas, so there is a common tie of wood grain and “char” black throughout the suite. The owner and head pizza chef prided himself on his authentic Italian methods and ingredients, so the colors of the Italian flag are also very dominant in the branding scheme.

Texture rich site incites hunger in the viewer. Previously complicated online pizza menu is made simple and concise through utilization of category tabs and images for each menu item.

tri-fold menu: inside
tri-fold menu: outside

Inside and outside of tri-fold menu 8.5″ x 14″

woodfire club flyer_sm

Front and back of club flyer for distributing at farmers’ markets

in store overhead menu
menu overhead

4-panel in-store overhead menusĀ 

ppn shirt words ssmaller

Employee shirt highlighting the 4 authentic pizza styles served at the restaurant


Business card design


Box design

wood fire menu A-frame

Large 2′ x 3′ A-frame signage for menu at farmers’ markets


Bumper sticker